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Our Approach

"There are those who travel and those who are going somewhere. They are different, and yet they are the same. Successful people have this over their rivals: they know where they are going."

--Mark Caine

Envision The Journey

Each of us has a unique vision for the future, and that vision should guide your journey. At American Financial Management, our first task is to fully understand your values and help clarify what's important to you. We work with you to define a roadmap for your future so you can live your life with purpose, looking at your financial life not only in dollars and cents, but also in terms of your personal values and goals for your life, your family and your legacy. Our task is to create a financial course that is clear and well-defined.

Explore the Possibilities

Whether your situation is complex or straightforward, it is vital to understand your options and how they may affect your personal plans. Always guided by your needs, our team utilizes unbiased research through Triad Advisors to develop a personalized financial analysis, including recommendations that are based on fundamental principles of strategic asset allocation and diversification. By thoroughly exploring your options, we can help you choose those that will work best in following your personal roadmap.

Arrive With Confidence

Creating and implementing your comprehensive financial plan is only the beginning of the journey. We provide an ongoing process of review, evaluation and action that helps keep you on course throughout your lifetime. A well-crafted strategy is designed to be adaptive, flexible, and open to revision as your needs change. As professionals charged with supporting your family agenda, we adopt your vision as our own. Your success, however you define it, is our success. Ultimately, our goal is to allow you to lead a fulfilling life, confident that you are on the course that you have set.

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